Who Starts Homesteading at
60 Years Old?

It seems the majority of homesteaders on the internet are a lot younger than us. And since it takes a lot of energy and knowledge to homestead right, why would an older couple want to do this? Find out more on our About page – we are chock full of successes and failures as we learn to live this new lifestyle.

What's New on the Farm?

Two nice litters of Piglets - within 4 hours of each other
We knew we had two pregnant gilts. Who knew we would be hip deep in 12 piglets all at once. Its our first time and it has been a ride! Check out the Pigs page for more about this saga!

What’s For Sale?

We sell fresh farm eggs, piglets when available, hens and roosters from time to time. Chicks, too, when available. Check out our Sales page to see what is currently being offered.